Region of Abbey Sint Benedictus De Achelse Kluis, Achel

The Abbey of Achel is located in the Belgian province of Limburg, lying in a green belt that includes the Leenderhei and the forests of Hamont-Achel. The abbey itself is not open to the public but visitors can visit the abbey tavern. Here you can see the brewhouse and, at certain times, it is possible to watch the brewing process.


In 1686, the area of Achel was chosen by Petrus van Eynatten to settle a monastic community of hermits of Saint Joseph. However, after the French army’s invasion of the Austrian Netherlands in 1794, the monks were forced to leave Achel. In the mid-19th century, the Trappists decided to restore the monastic presence where the old hermitic community had once resided and in 1846, a group of monks from Westmalle founded a Priory on this site. The community developed and in 1852 the monks started the production of beer. In 1871 the community obtained the status of Abbey and its economic activities and the spiritual life began to flourish. During the First World War, the monks left the Abbey, the brewery was destroyed and the prodcution of beer stopped. After the Second World War a new Abbey was built and in 1998, the Trappists monks of Achel began producing beer once more.

Nowadays there are just six monks in the Achel Abbey.

  • Shop In the abbey shop it is possible to find beer, food and religious products.

  • Restaurant The tavern inside the abbey gives visitors the chance to see the brewhouse and the opportunity to taste beers that are only available there, such as Achel 5 (dark and blod).

Opening Hours

Openinghours shop

9:00 -12:00 AM and 12.30-17.00 PM,
from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Tourist Information

The Abbey of Achel is situated right on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Achel is a part of Hamont-Achel, a small historic town in the north of the Limburgse Kempen region. With its lush greenery, the town exudes a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere – perfect for a walk or bicycle ride. Only a short drive away from Eindhoven or Hasselt, the region is well known for its distinctive and attractive natural surroundings. It also enjoys a rich past and you can visit its numerous historic monuments such as burial mounds from the Bronze and Iron Age, the mysterious “Tomp”, the Napoleon Mill, local museums, the St. Benedict Abbey and some fine examples of typical Teutenhouses. So, discover the boundless charm of the Achel area on foot or by bicycle and you will not be disappointed. Follow the trail of your choice through our beautiful countryside. Take some time to enjoy a delicious Trappist or regional dish. Sense it. Taste it. Savour it. A true feast for all your senses and an unforgettable experience.


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Groote Heide Fietsroute (Cycling)

Starting point: Valkenswaard

Arrival point: Valkenswaard

Lenght: 35,5 km

Difficulty: **


Achelse Trappistenroute 2014 (Cycling)

Starting point: Neerpelt

Arrival point: Neerpelt

Lenght: 33 km

Difficulty: **


De Postkoets achterna (Cycling)

Starting point: Anywhere

Arrival point: Anywhere

Lenght: 100 km

Difficulty: ***

You can download a map with more information of this track (in Dutch language) as PDF of this route: 


Trappistenroute Achel (Hiking)

Starting point: Achelse Kluis

Arrival point: Achelse Kluis

Lenght: 11 km

Difficulty: **


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Sample the 5 Trappists - Route 4 - La Trappe - Achel

Start: Hilvarenbeek, at the south of Koningshoeven/ La Trappe
End: Achel
Distance: 36 miles (59 kilometer)

Download the route booklet Sample the 5 Trappists for more information 

You download the GPX-files of the route or follow the bike nodes:5-44-61-2-3-23-61-62-20-24-83-81-31-32-51-52-53-35-38-62-88-86-63-60-61-7-69-3-1-93-2-32-33-217
* Take note: work to be carried out in 2016/2017. Directions to thecity  centre will disappear and will be replaced by intersection numbers


Sample the 5 Trappists - Route 5 - Achel - Turnhout

Start: Achel
End: Turnhout, halfway on your way to Malle
Distance: 38 miles

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Download the route booklet Sample the 5 Trappists for more information 

You download the GPX-files (yellow button at the right)
Or follow the bike nodes:  32-31-27-225-226-227-230-231-546-232-76-77-72-7-92-91-27-28-64-47-62-46-45-1



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