Region of the Abbey Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van het Heilig Hart in Westmalle

The Belgian Abbey of Westmalle is situated in the Belgian region of Antwerp and is surrounded by woods. In addition to the two well-known varieties of beer, the monks of Westmalle also produce an excellent cheese. All of these products can be tasted in the nearby Café Trappisten.


Founded in 1794, the Abbey of Westmalle was built by a group of monks led by Augustinus de Lestrange Dubosc, who had fled the La Trappe monastery. Upon arrival in the area, the Bishop of Antwerp gave them a farm and asked them to create a monastic community. A month later, the French Army invaded the Austrian Netherlands and arrived in the Westmalle area, forcing the Trappists to leave. The monastery was restored in 1814 and obtained the status of abbey in 1836. During this period the community grew and a small brewery was built. A few years later, a group of monks from Westmalle founded the Achel Abbey, while others supported the restoration of the Abbey of Saint Sixtus. During the First World War, the abbey was damaged and only few monks remained. A new extension to the abbey was completed in 1964.

Nowadays there are 22 monks in Westmalle Abbey. They run a farm, a cheese business and a brewery.

  • Shop The abbey shop is located near the abbey’s portal and sells beers and cheese produced in Westmalle, candles and soap.

  • Restaurant Opposite the abbey you can find the Café Trappisten, where it is possible to taste regional dishes served with Westmalle beer.

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The Abbeys of Westmalle and Brecht are situated in the province of Antwerp, approximately 30km from Antwerp-city. The city of Antwerp is well known for its art, culture and its international port. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed pace of life, come and discover the nearby Kempen region with its splendid network of paths through the magnificent and varied landscape. Walk or cycle through the numerous forests, fields and nature reserves. Explore the beautiful and multi-faceted natural landscape and combine it with a stay in one of the many cosy hotels and B&B’s. Enjoy the local produce such as beer, cheese, fruit, vegetables and fresh meat.

The local cafés and restaurants are waiting to show off their skills and serve excellent food using fresh regional products.De Kempen offers everything for a short break and will surprise you with its hospitality!

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Toerisme Malle:

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Trappistenroute (Cycling)

Starting point: Malle

Arrival point: Malle

Length: 44 km

Elevation: 163 m

Difficulty: **


Drieboomkensbergpad (Hiking)

Starting point: Westmalle
Arrival point: Westmalle
Length: 12 km
Elevation: 163 m
Difficulty: **


Sample the 5 Trappists - Route 1 Antwerpen - Westmalle - Brecht

Start: Antwerpen
End: Brecht
Distance: 28 miles (46 kilometers.

Visit the brewery of De Koninck in Antwerpen and find your way to Malle (Westmalle) and Brecht. Don't forget to visit Cafe Trappisten in Malle.

Download the route booklet Sample the 5 Trappists for more information 

You can use the GPX-files or follow the bike nodes: 58-40-4-3-15-19-24-22-21-23-43-45-47-63-62-51-50-49-48-99 


Sample the 5 Trappists - Route 2 - Malle - Brecht - Zundert

Start: Malle 
End: Zundert
Distance: 27 miles (44 kilometer).

Download the route booklet Sample the 5 Trappists for more information 

You can use the GPX-files or follow the bike nodes:  50-49-48-99-69-68-80-91-92-3-2-1-49-46-79-88-64-3
*Take note: work to be carried out in 2016/2017. Directions to the city centres will disappear and will be replaced by intersection numbers. 


Sample the 5 Trappists - Route 6 - Turnhout - Malle

Start: Turnhout
End: Malle
Distance: 18 miles

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Download the route booklet Sample the 5 Trappists for more information 

You can download the GPX-files (yellow button) or follow the bike nodes: 58-40-4-3-15-19-24-22-21-23-43-45-47-63-62-51-50-49-48-99 



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