Case study of TATRA-project

Tastes of Abbeys is the subject of an interesting article for the touristic sector, published on “Le Pagine di RT”, an Italian magazine about tourism by the professional network Risposte Turismo. Theme of the article is sustainable tourism and thematic products and the case study of TATRA project.

In the first part, this paper looks into the challenges that tourism will have to face in order to embrace a more sustainable vision in the coming years. Sustainable tourism is one possible response to the environmental risks linked to the development of tourism. The tourism sector in Italy will also be analyzed, due to its strategic importance for the Italian economy, and some best practices will be highlighted. The article shall then focus on the competitiveness of sustainable tourism in Europe and on the EU Institutions’ initiatives to support the sector.

After this overview, a case study will be proposed, with the presentation of “TATRA ‐ Tastes of Trappists: a slow tourism experience”, a project that aims to promote sustainable tourism – hiking or cycling – with the focus on the Trappist abbeys of Europe, famous for their crafted goods, including beer and chocolate. The main outcome of this project is the web platform “Tastes of Abbeys”, a useful tool per tourists who wish to plan their vacation around the Trappist Abbeys.

Written by Lucia Sinigaglia 
The article, which has been written by Lucia Sinigaglia (project manager of the Belgian‐Italian Chamber of Commerce), aims at presenting the project “TATRA – Tastes of Trappists: a slow tourism experience”, an example of sustainable tourism project co‐funded by the European Union. 

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