New Beercycling tour includes visit to Tre Fontane

The year 2016 offers a new opportunity for sporty beer lovers who are interested in Trappist beer! If you are one of them, you can join a new Beercycling tour in Italy. The Italian Passion Tour includes a cycling tour in the northern part of Italy, and  a visit to the trappist abbey of Tre Fontane in Rome. The tour will take you on surprising journey of in total 7 days. 

Beercycling takes the cyclists on a daily cycling tour of 12 to 36 miles. Every day a visit to a brewery, a famous beer pub or another beer highlight is scheduled. Two guides accompany the guests on their journey.

Cycletour from Tre Fontane to the coast
On the sixth day of the tour there is an optional 32 mile bike ride from the abbey of Tre Fontane to the beach, following a route which is to be found on the website of Tastes of Abbeys. The next day, the abbey of Tre Fontane will be visited and the beer with added eucalyptus will be tasted on sight,  the eucalyptus gives the beer a special and tasteful flavor.

Growing craft beer scene
Italy has one of the youngest and fastest growing craft beer scenes in Europe. The tour will visit at least 5 of the top 7 breweries in the country. And the newest Trappist abbey in Europe.
The tour makes it possible to combine top quality beers with the best cappuccino, the best ice cream, the finest pastas, and pizzas every day!
A detailed scheme of the Italian Passion Tour can be found on the website of Beercycling.

About Beercycling
Beercycling is a small American-owned company which focuses since 2011 on creating beer-themed cycling experiences in Belgium (Flanders, The Ardennes) and  the Netherlands (Amsterdam and tulipfields). In 2016 the Beercycling program has been expended to Italy. Beercycling works with guides who aren’t business people but beer people, they love to share their passion for learning about beer, international travel, and bicycle touring. 
With Beercycling the guests earn their beer each day, cycling from pint A to pint B. 


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