Achel Vacation Packages

1)  Restaurant De Hofkaemer: Cycling and tasting arrangementDe Hofkaemer streekproeverijtje

A bike ride through the region of De Kempen of 25 miles, following ‘fietsknooppunten’ (bike nodes). The bike ride offers two highlights: a culinary visit to the local restaurant Hofkaemer (Bergeijk) and the Achelse Kluis. At De Hofkaemer a beertasting with foodparing waits for you, or 6 courses meal with local food. You can combine it with beer from the region, or wine. And of course at Achelse Kluis you can taste the local brewed Achel Trappist.

* cycling route of 25 miles
* visit Achelse Kluis
* beertasting with foodparing and/or
* 6 courses diner at pricewinning restaurant

Read more about this package and see the cycle route: de Achelse Kluis Trappistenroute Streekrestaurant de Hofkaemer (Dutch)

2) Cycling with surprises

Cycling near Achel

A complete 5-days vacation package for an unforgettable visit to the region of de Achelse Kluis (de Peel). Enjoy luxury Bed & Breakfasts, lots of local culinary delights, and five days of cycling on scenic tracks. On your tour you can visit the brewery of Achel. The package offers you lots of service, like luggage service to various locations, a good rental bike with 8 gears, a beautiful route booket and an information package.  
And highly appreciated surprises (which we cannot betray, sorry).
Last but not least: Nice to know: a very friendly priced package!


* Five days cycling on scenic tracks
* quality rental bike
* Culinary delights
* visit Achelse Kluis
* Luxury Bed&Breakfasts
* Lots of service

Check it out at Fietsen met streken 




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