Chimay vacation packages

1) Cycling tour The Southern Trappists

Five-day bike ride on high quality tracking bikes, for experienced cyclists. Every day there are hills to climb. The bike ride goes through a hilly countrysite, along the border of Belgium and France all the way to the forests of the Ardennes. Visit Mont des Cats en Chimay. The tour can be extended to six days to visit Orval and Rochefort. Read more about this private tour, organised by the Belgium Duvelo.


2) Beercycling Ardennes Challenge

A 9 days cyling tour for experienced cyclists - This tour features around 400 kms  in 7 biking days, in really hilly terrain. A group tour, with luggage transport, four stars hotels, and guides. Perfect for Trappist Beer Lovers - Visit to three trappist Monasteries: Rochefort, Orval, and Chimay. Find out more about this exciting tour. 


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