La Trappe vacation packages


1) Visit brewery Koningshoeven and cycling tour

Join the tour at the brewery of La Trappe, and combine it with a bike ride in the area. For a visit of the brewery a reservation is required. The tourist office (VVV) gladly  arranges this for you. They also can help you to rent a bike. 

Package overview

- Tour at the La Trappe brewery
- Film about the history of the brewery
- One La Trappe beer of your choice 
- Cycling map with 2 bicycle routes. 
Number of persons: 2 or more
Price: 13.00 euro per person (price 2015) 
Exclusive: Cycling and handling fee: 7.50 euro for  up to 24 people
More information: Packages VVV Tilburg 

2) Bicycle route with La Trappe lunch 

Have several hours of cycling fun in the beautiful surroundings of De Koningshoeven (La Trappe brewery)  in Berkel-Enschot. You start or end your cycling tour with a lunch at Koningshoeven. The lunch consists of a rich meal with Trappist bread and of course a glass of La Trappe Trappist beer of your choice!
A leisurely walk through the garden of the abbey makes the package complete.  

Package overview
- Cycle route of (26 – 40 miles)
- Lunch at the tasting room of La Trappe
- One La Trappe beer of your choice 
Price: 19.50 euro per person (price 2015) 
exclusive: Cyclinghire and administration cost:  7.50 euro for 10- 24 people 
More information and booking: Tilburg tourist office

3) Hotel de Kroon cycling package 

Enjoy a weekend  of the beautiful surroundings of La Trappe. Your starting point is hotel De Kroon in the heart of Oisterwijk. Get  on your bike  or put on your walking shoes and explore the region of La Trappe. The hotel offers you 2 cycling routes: 
Hotel for La Trappe weekend- La Trappe cycling route: (15-17 miles) 
- The Holy oak and churches route: (12 – 24 miles) 

Package overview
- Arrival on Friday or Saturday
- 2 x overnight stay including breakfast
- 2 x dinner in the restaurant
- 2 x cycling routes 
Price: 135 euro per person based on a double room (price 2015) 
Extra option: bike hire (7.50 euro per bike per day).
More information and booking at hotel De Kroon


4)  Hotel Rosep Package Trappist

Hotel Rosep is a stylish hotel on a country estate (at Oirschot). Lovers of Trappist beer and of the history of Brabant will have a wonderful stay here. A visit to the brewery De Koninghoeven is included, and you can taste the La Trappe beer brewed on the spot. 
On your bicycle you will explore the surroundings of the abbey and visit interesting cultural-historical places in Midden-Brabant. You can take a picnic for along the way, a delicious Rosep-lunch. In the evening you will enjoy the diner in the top restaurant.  

Package overview 
• visit to De Koningshoeven, brewery La Trappe 
• bicycle rental with Trappist cycle route 
• 1 x culinary 4-course dinner 
• 1 x overnight stay 
• 1 x extensive breakfast buffet
 Time: depending on the time tables for the tours at the brewery.
Price: € 126.50 per person (price 2015) 
More information: website vacation packages hotel De Rosep 


5)  Hotel De Druiventros  Vacation Package 

Stay in Hotel restaurant De Druiventros in Berkel-Enschot and use their bicycle route to visit La Trappe. You can book a guided tour at La Trappe from here. The hotel offers as a bonus for you, as La Trappe lover, a serving of La Trappe bitter balls in the hotel. (Bitter ball is a typical Dutch snack). 

Package overview
- 1 tour at the Trappist Abbey of La Trappe 
- Free routes for biking, hiking and skate routes 
- 2 x overnight stay
- 2 x breakfast 
- 1 x 3-course dinner
- 1 serving of La Trappe snack in hotel 
Price: 79.00 euro per person (2 persons, 2 double room, price 2015) excluding tourist tax 
Read more about the hotel and the La Trappe arrangement


6) A walk to La Trappe and an overnight stay in B&B Gust van Dijk

In the centre of Tilburg you can have a pleasant stay at the B&B Gust van Dijk.
From the B&B it takes a 40 minutes’ walk to arrive at De Koningshoeven, and the tasting room in the garden.

Why not book a guided tour in the brewery in advance?

Afterwards you can pay a visit to the shop with lots of trappist products and La Trappe beer.


 7) Overnight stay and bicycle tour from Herberg De Schutskuil 

In the middle of the nature reserve De Mortelen  a modern log cabin is waiting for your visit. You stay here in an oasis of silence. A perfect start or finish for your exploration of the nature reserve and the surroundings of La Trappe.
There is a full sign-posted bike route to  La Trappe from here.
For an impression go to the website of Herberg de Schutskuil.

8) Hotels near La Trappe 

Are you looking for a place to sleep near La Trappe/Berkel-Enschot? The surroundings Oisterwijk offers several possibilities. The Tourist Office of Oisterwijk made an overview for you. Have a look for the accommodations in Oisterwijk
Or  find an accommodation in Tilburg, just a few miles from La Trappe. 





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