Sample the 5 Trappists

The Sample the 5 Trappist cycling route is marked out alongside 5 Trappist abbeys in Flanders and Brabant. The route is 334 kilometers / 207 miles in length and comprises 6 sections.

Each section has its own unique features and there is a contrast between rural landscapes and urban dynamics. The route passes through various cities such as Zundert, Hilvarenbeek, Oirschot, Poppel and Merkplas. Various arrangements for each section can be booked with business locates alongside the route, see for arrangements the various pages on this website.The 6 sections find each one or more trappist abbeys on their route.  You can find the routes of each section on the page of the abbey on this website.


The 6 sections of the cyling route Sample the 5 Trappists 

You can find each section of the route on the page of each abbey

Section 1: (Antwerp – De Koninck) – WestmalleBrecht 
Section 2: WestmalleBrechtZundert
Section 3: Zundert Koningshoeven / La Trappe
Section 4: Koningshoeven / La Trappe Achel
Section 5: Achel – (Turnhout)
Section 6: (Turnhout) - Westmalle

Short cut: Turnhout - Tilburg / Koningshoeven / La Trappe




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