The Project

The web platform, “Tastes of Abbeys”, is the main achievement of the EU-funded project "TATRA - Tastes of Trappists: a slow tourism experience", realised by a consortium of seven partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

This project encourages visitors to undertake a transnational, “slow-tourism” experience in the regions around the Trappist abbeys. The aim of the newly created web platform is to promote the hiking and cycling routes available, providing interactive maps of the routes, highlighting the points of interest for individual travellers and suggesting different types of holiday packages.

The partners

This project has been realised by an international consortium of seven partners across four countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.


Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (BELGIUM)
The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCBI) is a Belgian non-profit association founded in Brussels in 1950 to foster contacts between Belgium and Italy. Besides offering a wide range of promotional services, assistance and consultancy, it provides training courses on EU funding and manages several European projects in the fields of education, business development and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Given its proven experience and expertise, CCBI is the coordinator of “Tastes of Trappists – a slow tourism experience” and works on the implementation of the project in Wallonia and France.



Toerisme Vlaanderen (BELGIUM)

VISIT FLANDERS (TVL) is part of the Flemish Government and is the official tourism organisation for Flanders and Brussels. It works on the promotion of the cultural heritage, the natural landscape and the gastronomy, in order to foster tourism and to guarantee all visitors a qualitative experience, through specific investments and supplies. These activities are carried out in accordance with a strategy that promotes sustainable and responsible tourism. 



Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen (BELGIUM)
Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen (TPA) aims to develop local tourism, improving the touristic offer and the services provided to visitors in the Province of Antwerp. In particular it promotes the rural regions of Kempen and Scheldeland as attractive areas for vacation. Moreover TPA participate in the advertisement of local products and activities, such as “beer” and “cycling” on the international market. To fulfil its mission it works in collaboration with local SMEs, associations, municipalities and other authorities.



Italienische Handelskammer für Deutschland (GERMANY)
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany (ITKAM) is a bilateral non-profit association founded in 1911, which provides services both for the Italian and German markets. It aims to foster economic relations and cooperation between enterprises in both countries. Besides supporting the activities in the traditional "Made in Italy" sector, ITKAM also promotes activities related to innovation and technology.




Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII (ITALY)

The Foundation of Religious Sciences John XXIII (FSCIRE) is a research Institute specialising in Christianity and other religions. Established in 1953, it is a private foundation that co-operates with the University of Bologna and other institutions. Its mission is the elaboration of an accurate knowledge of historical processes, in order to participate in intellectual and spiritual research.



Regio Hart van Brabant  (THE NETHERLANDS)

The region, Heart of Brabant, is made up of  nine co-operating municipalities in the middle of Brabant. It works on the challenges of the region related to Economic Affairs, Recreation and Tourism and the development of Landscape. In particular one of its tasks is to make the environment of the Koningshoeven region more attractive to tourists. RHVB’s activities are carried out bearing in mind the objectives of social and environmental development.



Bierevents is the company of craft beer, which ambassador Henk Wesselink created in 2010.  Located in Ede and in Epe,  Bierevents' mission is to promote and to develop the craft beer culture in Belgium and the Netherlands. In order to have beer being appreciated at the same level as wine, Bierevents organises activities such as beer tasting sessions; cooking classes; cultivation of a small hop yard in Epe; and visits to breweries, pubs, and restaurants, both by car and by bicycle.


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